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About the Vandegrift Web site!

On this web site, I intend to capture a few of my interests and my family information, including my family tree.  Currently, the two larger areas of interest on the web site are my family tree and the photo gallery.  Please feel free to visit both of these areas and provide feedback.

My original web site, which I created in 1997 and was hosted by AOL for years, survives basically intact, starting with the photo gallery.  I have left the format of these pages the same, just updating the information and adding pages as needed.  In 2003 I moved the site to www.vandegrift.com and added the family tree and additional information.


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Hobbies: Outdoors, hiking, running, photography, computers, woodworking, Civil War artifacts
Occupation: Information Technology; Christian
Mantra: Faith, Family and Friends
Quote: Carpe Diem! and Love Never Fails!
e-mail: SoGentlman
Resume: My resume on LinkedIn

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